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Deepti Suri

Urvashi has honed her photography skills with experience and diverse exposure. Her pictures talk about all those moments which one would have missed , portray emotions which makes the pictures live. Be it landscape, emoticons , traveling , fashion. I wonder how the world seems so beautiful when captured in her lens. Her updates on photography are the words of wisdom which can turn a novice into a PRO. Highly recommended to all who wants to make that "CLICK". 


Dipankar Sethi

Thank you for making me understand the working of a DSLR. The classes were great. Would definitely recommend this course and would be enrolling for advance course soon. 


Divya Karan Bhatnagar


Outstanding will not be enough to describe the experience i had at ASOP.  All credit goes to Urvashi for making my re-learning experience fantastic. I have been practicing photography for almost three years now and wanted to take it to the next level with respect to my work. Urvashi was kind enough to go through my portfolio and recommend the exact areas where i needed to work.  And so i enrolled for the basic course. I can't put my learnings to words here, even though i have been shooting for over 3 years i learnt sooooooooo much more. It was a fantastic experience. The best part was that she only takes limited students in her batches which ensures individual attention to each and every one. A lot of schools are for the money but at ASOP i felt it was for the ART.


As a teacher Urvashi is great. She knows the subject very well and even though i had enrolled for a basics course she was kind enough to answer my never ending questions beyond the course about photography. Also it does not end there. She is always available even after the course has been completed to help and share her knowledge with her students. I would definitely recommend ASOP if you are looking to start photography.