Faculty at ASOP
Sinem Yazici

Born in 1976 in Antalya, Sinem Yazici is a graduate of Marmara University, School of Public Relations and Advertising. Starting from 1996, her advertising career reached up to 14 years working in several international agency networks and also as the advertising manager of locally and globally renowned brands. Her evergrowing interest in photography finally found its way through a photography class in Istanbul, which started a whole new chapter that took her to New York to complete her photography training in New York Film Academy. Sinem’s photography is the exploration of human soul through the stories of body and fabric. Sinem Yazici is currently available for freelance fashion photography in Istanbul and New York. www.sinemyaziciphotography.com


Maha-Al-Asaker is a Kuwaiti professional photographer specialised in Fashion and Lifestyle Photography. She tries to apply emotions to her photography and recruits her skills to evoke different ideas into her visual work. Her free spirit liberates her imaginative thinking unbinding her from all kind of obstacles that might stop her from doing what she does. Her photography embodies modernity and glamour. www.mahaalasaker.com

Vasanth Paul

An artist born and raised in India, living and working in cosmopolitan New York, Vasanth draws influences and combine elements, which are rooted in eastern and western traditions. He believes no culture exists or develops in isolation. Challenging ideas of self-contained cultural purity, and western cultural dominance that “ The idea that cultural influence is a one way street’> He re-re-emphasizes the relationship between photography and paintings, revisiting the history of photography as the drive to fix an image on a plate.He combines elements from eastern and western visual cultural traditions.  He incorporate poses and gestures derived from significant eastern and western art history, paintings sculptures and carvings.