Photography I- Digital
( 2 Week Workshop ) - Monday/Wednesday/Friday (2 Weeks - 2 Hours - Total of 12 Hours)

This course starts with lectures on historical and contemporary artwork; we explore the creative approaches to photography. Next we introduce beginners to the creative and technical world of digital photography. Through hands-on classes, we teach students the basics of using cameras and imaging software to produce digital photographs. Topics include hand-holding the camera, camera operation, shutter speed, aperture, focal length, RAW file formats, white balance and composition. 

Photography II- Digital
( 2 Week Workshop ) - Monday/Wednesday/Friday (2 Weeks - 2 Hours - Total of 12 Hours)

In this intermediate course students refine their creative and technical skills and through lectures and assignments, explore the aesthetic and compositional aspects of photography, working toward developing a personal visual language. Presentations on historical and contemporary artwork introduce various photographic genres such as portraiture, landscape and documentary. Beyond the introduction to exposure, white balance and composition, we take on camera and off camera flash shooting techniques, post-production, lighting styles, direction and quality, and in depth demonstration and exploration of digital workflow from capture to print using Lightroom in a fun and relaxed environment. Students are invited to do a course project to focus their learning on a subject or technique that most interests them with full critiques offered in class. Using Adobe Light room, students develop effective workflows for sorting and editing images, refining image adjustment skills, and perfecting printing ability. Students also learn advanced techniques for converting images to black-and-white, and are introduced to the technical and aesthetic uses of camera flash.

Photography Digital Intensive
( 4 Week Workshop ) - Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday (4 Weeks - 3 Hours - Total of 36 Hours)
( 8 Week Workshop ) - Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday (8 Weeks - 4 Hours - Total of 96 Hours)

This is an intensive exploration of photography in the digital age. Photography school students are immersed in the art of and craft of still photography and are introduced to the tools necessary to capture great images and re?ne them through digital imaging. Students develop the skills necessary to research, compose and capture digital photographic projects in a hands-on course. Students are encouraged to be creative, but are also taught to think of each project as a concise statement of artistic, documentary and/or journalistic intent. They expand their repertoire of techniques with light and shadow as they work with professional lighting and grip hardware, as well as inexpensive and unconventional practical sources of light and shadow. No signi?cant prior experience in photography is assumed. The program brings everyone to the same level very quickly, beginning with the fundamentals and ?lling the inevitable gaps in the understanding of those who have some experience.

Art of Fashion Portraiture
( 2 Week Workshop ) - Monday/Wednesday/Friday (2 Weeks - 2 Hours - Total of 12 Hours)

Fashion photography is a challenging discipline that combines the normal elements of photography – exposure, composition and lighting – with the life and energy of a model and their clothing. Learn how to shoot amazing Fashion photos that capture the look and feel of your model and their clothing with ease. Discover how to translate a portrait into an iconic fashion image. Aesthetics are at the forefront of any fashion portrait; an image must be highly polished and re?ned. From selecting a location to setting up aesthetics, this class covers all aspects of a successful portrait shoot. Glean tips from visiting professionals, including experienced photographers, hairstylists and makeup artists. Establish a fully realized portraiture perspective and hone your process through a personal portfolio review and pre-class assignment.

Taking Control Of Your lighting- Advanced Lighting Workshop
(Monday/Wednesday/Friday) (2 Weeks-2 Hours-Total of 12 Hours)

This Introductory course provides an overview of the essential principles, techniques,and tools for lighting a variety of situations. Demonstrations take place both in the studio and on location. Through hands-on practice and assignments, students learn how to use lighting equipment and accessories, as well as a range of light sources, including tungsten, studio strobe, portable strobe, and daylight. Through visual presentations and discussions of printed matter, students review examples of the direction and quality of light and discuss its function in the photograph. Students acquire a repertoire of lighting techniques to heighten the expressive capacity of their work. 

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